Helena Jahangir and her unparalleled achievement in serving humanity

১৩ জুলাই, ২০২০   |   joyjatra.tv

Helena Jahangir and her unparalleled achievement in serving humanity

‘Helena Jahangir’ As soon as you utter this name any Bangladeshi at home or abroad recognizes the person you are talking about. Whose role in Social service and Humanitarian work gained unparalleled establishment.

She is none other than Helena Jahangir who is the Founder and chairperson of JoyJatra Television, Publisher, and editor of JoyJatra News Portal and Director of The biggest business organization of Bangladesh (FBCCI).

She is also known as ‘Sister Helen’ for her service for humanity. People worldwide are suffering from fear of deadly Covid19. The World economy was never so much threatened in the modern era as ever.

The poor are suffering the most. Hundreds of million people lost their job and earning sources. It also affected the economy of Bangladesh.

The servant of humanity Helena Jahangir accepted the call of Sheikh Hasina the Daughter of great Sheikh Mujibur Rahman and helped those helpless people every day in every way possible risking her own life.

She is providing food, medicine, masks, and safety equipment. She is also raising awareness by broadcasting programs and information to prevent Covid19 in her TV channel, Social media profile, and newspaper.

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